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Study UK/Penningtons Solicitors LLP - update on Tier 4 Best Practice Compliance Seminars

12 May 2010

On 15 April 2010, Study UK and Penningtons Solicitors LLP jointly hosted two seminars for BAC accredited colleges on Tier 4 best practice compliance and recent changes to the Tier 4 system. The seminars were attended by more than 80 delegates, many of whom were not members of Study UK.

The day began with a presentation by Study UK Chair, Sue Hindley, outlining Study UK's lobbying activities and meetings in recent months, our judicial review on HTS, and feedback on UKBA's Best Practice Recruitment document. Sue also outlined some of her frustrations from a college principal's perspective, and discussed further areas where lobbying is needed.

Penny Salmon from Penningtons Solicitors LLP then provided an interesting presentation on problems and issues she finds when going to do compliance checks for Tier 4 colleges.

To conclude the seminar, Nichola Carter, a Partner in Penningtons' specialist immigration team, provided a legal perspective to the discussions. She explained the balance of power between the government, the courts and Tier 4 sponsors and the powers and responsibilities of each. She then spoke about the UKBA's new Highly Trusted Sponsor Scheme. 

After the presentations, there was time for Q&A and refreshments were provided in another room where attendees had the chance to meet and network with representatives from Study UK and Penningtons' immigration team, as well as representatives from the broad spectrum of institutions that were in attendance.

Study UK would like to thank all members who attended one of the seminars. We hope you found it useful and were able to make some good contacts. We hope to do a similar joint event with Penningtons Solicitors LLP again in the future.


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Sue Hindley, Study UK Chair
Nichola Carter, Partner at Penningtons Solicitors LLP