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Study UK launches manifesto of recommendations to the next Government

4 March 2015

Study UK, the leading association of independent education providers of further and higher education, has launched its Manifesto 2015 (recommendations to the next Government) with a reception in the House of Commons.

The Study UK Manifesto 2015 presents ten key policy recommendations to support the development of an efficient and innovative education sector, where the positive contribution of independent providers to student choice, employability, value and quality is acknowledged and properly supported.

The recommendations outlined in the manifesto emphasise the need:

  • To drive quality and innovation in higher education, by encouraging healthy competition within the sector
  • To challenge the traditional UK model of a three-year, single discipline university degree, by supporting a modern mix of well-funded and valued qualifications
  • To support the UK's strong position as the global home of education, with an attractive and globally competitive policy on international students

The Study UK Manifesto 2015 also calls for a Higher Education Bill to be passed by 2017. Study UK believes that legislation is urgently required to establish the effective regulation of an increasingly diverse and dynamic sector and to enhance quality and value for both students and the taxpayer.

Independent providers have long played an important part in the UK's education sector. Thanks to their unique subject focus, invaluable proximity to particular vocations, and an unparalleled commitment to the student experience, independent providers are proving overwhelmingly to be a catalyst for positive change in the sector.

Alex Proudfoot, Chief Executive, Study UK said:

“Independent providers play a vital role in equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the challenges of the 21st century. It is important that these providers are encouraged to grow and to thrive over the next five years and beyond. The current patchwork of regulation in higher education offers too much uncertainty for both students and providers, and it places a heavy administrative burden on the institutions Study UK represents. The Study UK Manifesto 2015 therefore calls for a new legislative framework to be established, with fairness, access and equitable treatment at its core. This framework should provide a clear route for new providers to enter the sector, should encourage innovation while protecting our reputation for quality, and should empower students to choose where and what to study with confidence.”


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