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Study UK Annual Conference 2013

This Study UK Conference 2013 was held on 16 December 2013 at the BIS Conference Centre in Westminster and focused on two critical themes for UK Independent Education:

  • The Future of UK Higher Education: expanding choice, empowering students and driving innovation
  • Maintaining the UK’s international competitiveness: global trends, opportunities and policy challenges

The conference looked at:

  • the evolving nature of Higher Education and how the sector is regulated
  • protecting and enhancing the student experience in a changing sector
  • the importance of data in student choices and educational outcomes
  • risks and opportunities for the UK in the global education market
  • improving the efficiency of the student visa and sponsorship system
  • business management – VAT, accounts auditing and pension obligations
  • advances in international marketing 

The speakers included:

Download the conference brochure for the event, and take a look at the next Study UK conference