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UCFB (Burnley) Specialist and vocational

A World First in Higher Education, UCFB provides undergraduate degrees wrapped around the football business and sports industries with classrooms overlooking the field of play at Wembley Stadium, London and Turf Moor Stadium, Burnley, Lancashire. This is accompanied by extensive work experience opportunities and guest lectures from leading industry professionals, providing valuable insights and networking opportunities.

UCFB’s full-time undergraduate degrees are listed below however for the full list please visit www.ucfb.com for further information.

Highlighted Courses

BA (Hons) Football Business & Finance - Wembley or Burnley

Football Business & Finance integrates the core functions of business management with financial accounting in the context of football and sports organisations and governing bodies. The degree monitors the intense media coverage of contemporary football issues to apply relevant themes to stimulate and enhance the student learning experience. Students will be taught in lectures and participate in stimulating seminar debates, with support from UCFB’s virtual learning environment to fully encompass the academic experience.

Throughout all three years of study, core business modules are supplemented by finance modules which require students to understand and apply the fundamentals of accounting terminology such as balance sheets, cash flow, gearing ratios, return on investment, net present value and consolidated accounts. Students will have a comprehensive set of transferable skills to provide you with a competitive edge in business.

BA (Hons) Football Business & Marketing - Wembley or Burnley

Football is a multi-billion pound global industry driven by the marketing of its products. Consumer retention targets place an increased emphasis on organisations to develop their relationships with fans and consumers. The emergence of digital platforms has provided football organisations with the tools to reach a range of stakeholders on a local and global scale. Consequently, elite and lower league clubs require increased expertise to apply online and offline tools such as websites, social media, advertising and direct mail to increase their brand communications.

Students will be taught in lectures and participate in stimulating seminar debates, with academic support via UCFB’s virtual learning environment. Assessments combine practical web development with the academic rigour of market research, consumer segmentation and audience selection. The many facets of marketing provide a broad context for learning and there are exciting job prospects for those who can thrive in its multicultural, technologically sophisticated world.

BA (Hons) Football Business & Media - Wembley or Burnley

The football industry has been transformed by media investment and emergent communications technologies that range from the latest English Premier League television and radio broadcast deals to the proliferation of online media. The football industry is supported by all media platforms including print, broadcast and online, and at multiple levels; as a source of content, as a competitive business tool in the pursuit of audiences, and as a forum and environment for social media discourse.

Sports media is a multi-faceted environment and this degree provides UCFB students with a contextual degree on how public relations and journalism relate to the business of football. In this century, the mutual dependence of football business and the media has become central to understanding either industry. UCFB brings senior figures from Sky, BBC, ITV, Talksport and governing bodies to work with our students and provide them with important insights to how the media really works.

BA (Hons) Sports Business & Coaching - Burnley

The workforce within sports businesses, clubs and organisations is changing and the line drawn between coaching, management and business within the same organisation has agglomerated. No longer can people in a sports club or business, regardless of their role, exist in isolation and ignore other parts of the business operations.

This qualification is ideal for those looking for experience and understanding of the world of business and sport and to develop as a manager. It provides a unique learning experience and the opportunity to live, learn and develop within the operations of a professional football environment, providing students with access to the club from the first team manager down the coaching and playing pyramid.

This allows engagement and understanding across areas such as rehabilitation, physiotherapy, player acquisition and analysis. The practical application of students knowledge will be fulfilled by completing additional coaching badges via interaction with the first team coaching and training facilities at the leading Burnley Football Club as well as within the UCFB professional partner. Students studies will focus on the broad concepts involved in the sports business and surrounding industries.

Burnley Football Club
Turf Moor
Harry Potts Way
BB10 4BX

Northern England