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New College of the Humanities Higher Education courses

Based in Bloomsbury, the main university district in the heart of exciting London, New College of the Humanities is an award-winning, university-level college, which is leading the way in UK higher education.

NCH offers a liberal arts-inspired undergraduate curriculum taught by inspirational academics who are enthusiastic about teaching through one-to-one tutorials, small group tutorials, and interactive lectures.

Most undergraduate programmes are combined honours and students can choose majors and minors from a range of subjects including Art History, Creative Writing, Economics, English, Geography, History, Law, Philosophy, and Politics & International Relations. Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) and a single honours Law LLB are also available.

NCH students combine their degree studies with the NCH Diploma, which is designed to develop the insights required to lead a fulfilling and successful life. It offers a rich mix of Core Courses including Applied Ethics, Critical Reasoning, Science Literacy, and LAUNCH, the College's unique professional development programme.

NCH recently launched the Historical Research & Public History MA and is currently accepting applications to start this postgraduate programme in September 2016.

NCH’s world-class professoriate includes Professors AC Grayling, Simon Blackburn, Richard Dawkins, Sir Partha Dasgupta, Daniel C Dennett, Christopher Ricks, and Adrian Zuckerman, all of whom both teach and contribute to the development of the curriculum at the College.

Highlighted Courses

Philosophy, Politics & Economics BA (Hons)

The study of PPE enables students to use three of the most important approaches to understanding the world in which we live, and to develop a wide range of skills that are critical for many careers and pursuits.

At NCH you can choose one main subject from Philosophy, Politics and Economics. This will be your major and 50% of your degree studies will be in that subject. You will then study the other two subjects as minors, and these will each make up 25% of your degree studies.

You'll be taught through weekly one-to-one tutorials, small group tutorials and lectures with fewer than 30 students, ensuring that you experience an exceptional level of teaching and support from our academic staff.

You'll combine your PPE degree with the NCH Diploma, which is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge to ensure that you flourish and enjoy a successful and fulfilling life. The diploma comprises studies in Applied Ethics, Critical Reasoning, Science Literacy, and LAUNCH, our professional development programme.

Contact us on info@nchlondon.ac.uk to request a personal consultation and find out more about our unique undergraduate programme.

New College of the Humanities

19 Bedford Square