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Bosworth Independent College Sixth form and tutorial colleges

We are centrally located in the heart of England, and have been providing high quality boarding education for over thirty five years, founded in 1977. The College is situated in the market town of Northampton which is one hour by train from London. The College has a cosmopolitan community of British students working alongside both European and international students, with a positive attitude towards their education, a well-structured but friendly atmosphere and a comfortable learning environment. We are currently home to just over 320 students of which 260 are international boarders.

Highlighted Courses


We offer a one or two year GCSE course. With a choice of 17 subjects on offer.

A Level

We offer a one or two year A Level course. With a choice of 22 subjects on offer.


We offer a one or two year course in BTEC Business.

University Foundation Programme

This is a one year course suitable for international students only. We offer Business or Engineering & Science Foundation courses.

English Language with Academic Modules

We offer a one year English Language course. Whilst, primarily the course is made up of English Language lessons, students will also combine with some academic lessons. Dependent on their age and English Language level, students can combine with GCSE or A Level modules.

Summer School

We offer a six week Summer School course aimed at students 12-17 years of age. The main course is General English, but students can combine with Arts & Crafts, Rock School, Football, Tennis or Film Making.

Nazareth House
Barrack Road

Central England