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Bath Spa Global International foundation year programmes

Are you persistent? Unafraid? A true risk-taker? Then what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves, dig in deep, and make it here. At Bath Spa Global, we know that the entrepreneurial spirit can’t be taught; it’s something that’s already inside you. Here, you’ll unleash that hidden talent and realise your potential. We’re looking for bright, big-thinking types with bold ideas and a passion to create. Do you have what it takes to make it at Bath Spa Global?

Let’s make something great together.

Looking for a degree rooted in spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations? You won’t find it here. This is real-life learning that encourages you to fix, invent, modify, and make. Our three-year Bachelor of Business Administration programme helps you build a solid foundation in business management, while you pursue your entrepreneurial aspirations in one of four specialisms. Throughout the programme, you’ll be building projects with real-world relevance while establishing yourself as a true entrepreneur.

Bath Spa Global LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership between Bath Spa University and Shorelight Education.

Highlighted Courses

International Year 1

Bath Spa Global's International Year 1 (IY1) is a 12-month academic programme for international high school leavers. IY1 is the first year of your undergraduate degree, with additional English language training, academic support, and cultural experiences that prepare you for success in years two and three of your degree - and beyond.


The Pre-Masters Programme at Bath Spa Global is an intensive programme that has been designed to help international students meet the academic and language requirements for successful postgraduate study. You will have the opportunity to study a range of modules to develop the essential skills you will need for your Business and Management Masters degree.

BBA (Hons) Business and Entrepreneurship

During your first year at Bath Spa Global, you’ll develop and hone the skills needed to be successful in business. It’s also a time to get your hands dirty and find out what inspires you. As part of your core curriculum, you’ll delve into topics such as building a sustainable enterprise, global sourcing, cultural engagement, branding, and developing effective leadership skills.

Year 2 is when ideas begin to take shape. You’ll start building your own venture projects as part of the core Venture Lab modules. Led by a close-knit team of faculty advisers and industry mentors, Year 2 is your time to define, test, build, and implement innovative and change-making ideas.

Throughout your experience at Bath Spa Global, you’ll explore experiential learning while engaging with true change-makers, and testing your own venture ideas are central to this degree. In Year 3, you’ll discover how your projects can make it in the market. Your Capstone project in final year will compete for significant funding support.

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