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Located in London at the heart of the music industry ICMP delivers courses to students of contemporary music using the very best tutors and state-of-the-art facilities. Institute students and alumni can be found building successful careers in all areas of the music

Creative Musicianship - BA (Hons)

This is done through performances, composition of original material, and multimedia interdisciplinary collaborations. Along with the development of musicianship and performance skills, the course also focuses on essential entrepreneurial and critical business skills that a creative musician needs in order to forge a successful career.

Through this course, you will develop expertise in your principal instrument, individually through one-to-one instrumental tuition across all three years, and collectively within a group workshop environment. You will also be given the opportunity to explore and analyse a range of genres to help inform your own artistic development and compositional ‘voice’. In the business and entrepreneurship modules, you will gain an understanding of marketing, branding, social networking and successful new business models, while developing broader communication, management and interpersonal skills. Using the latest technology, you will be given the opportunity to build a portfolio of your own original music, working in collaboration with other disciplines and media, such as film, dance, games and fashion.

Awarded by the University of East London.

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Music Business - BA (Hons)

On the ICMP’s Music Business degree, we provide you with the tools and opportunities you will need to be at the forefront of the music business, enabling you to create and model your music business career.

The ICMP’s Music Business degree will help you to gain practical, real-world experience by immersing you in a creative and entrepreneurial environment. You will be taught by established music industry professionals and given the opportunity to promote, and work in association with, fellow student artists. You will learn management principles and a broad range of business skills, helping you to maximise the creative and commercial potential of the artist–business relationship. Your studies will promote entrepreneurship and creative thinking, helping you to create and launch your own business before leaving the course.

The ICMP has supported and launched the careers of many of the country’s most successful career musicians and artists. By joining the ICMP Music Business degree course, you can help to manage, guide and structure the musical successes of the future.

Awarded by the University of South Wales.

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Music Performance - Higher Diploma

You will be taught in small group classes by experienced industry professionals in our creative and inspiring learning environment in London, the heart of the music industry.

This course provides you with the skills, knowledge and experience you will need to progress to a range of careers in the music industry or to an undergraduate degree or further professional qualification in music. The skills you will acquire include music performance, instrumental technique, music technology, creativity, musicianship, and music business knowledge, to allow you to develop fully as an artist. The focus on small class sizes and personalised learning provides opportunities for specialist study relevant to guitar, bass, vocals or drums. Successful completion of the course will provide you with an internationally recognised qualification, and the Higher Diploma additionally provides opportunities for you to progress to full-time degrees at the ICMP or elsewhere.

Awarded by Pearson Edexcel.

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Music Practice - Professional Diploma

Encompassing one-to-one instrumental tuition, performance workshops and gigs, studio recording, music culture studies, and marketing, so that you can promote and manage your music career. This course focuses on ensuring you have the wide-ranging skill set required for a career in the modern music industry.

The course will promote a very high standard of instrumental prowess and enable you to work in numerous professional areas such as composition, performance, session playing, recording, events management and music promotion.

You will also develop a sound knowledge of the current business practices that operate within the industry and you will have termly meetings with representatives in the music industry to discuss your music and projects.

English language lessons for musicians are also included in the programme. This optional module for non-native speakers ensures that you develop enhanced language skills preparing you for a full degree course.

Awarded by University of East London.

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Music Production - Professional Diploma

Encompassing live, studio and digital music making, you will work in a professional setting with experienced industry tutors. Classes take place in the ICMP’s Mac Labs, 24-track recording studio and dedicated teaching spaces, using industry-standard hardware and software including Pro Tools, Logic X and Sibelius.

Alongside developing your musical creativity and technical know-how, this course will give you the interpersonal, business and entrepreneurial skills needed to broaden your musical horizons and progress your career as a music producer. As part of a dynamic learning community, you will have opportunities to build your personal and professional network, linking with the industry and working in real-world settings.

Awarded by Rockschool.

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Popular Music Performance - BMus (Hons)

A dynamic and challenging programme, this course will provide you with professional playing, performing and musicianship skills as well as the tools and knowledge required to develop and sustain a career in today’s modern and diverse music industry.

During the course, you will develop relevant music industry skills and effectively prepare for the real world of the career musician through playing, practising and performing. You will be challenged to achieve high levels of musicianship and instrumental skill.

The study of established genres, styles and repertoire sits at the core of the BMus degree. Students develop a wide and comprehensive understanding of genre conventions through study in their principal instrument, with the intention of enabling them to function in a variety of performance and music-making contexts upon entry into the workplace.

This aim is supported by an embedded range of learning activities in subject areas such as music theory, music technology, music production, aural perception, technique and sight-reading.

Ultimately, by graduating from the BMus degree you will become fluent and literate in the language of popular music, capable of working in creative and collaborative professional environments, and ready to begin your professional career.

Awarded by the University of East London

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Popular Music Performance - Masters (MMus)

The course will encourage you to develop the highest levels of instrumental skill through individual lessons and personalised learning. You will also develop your leadership and musical management skills through the leading of an ensemble, culminating in a performance of challenging original and existing repertoire.

On the course, you may select from options that include an investigation of a performance tradition, the use of music in health and wellbeing, and the cultural aspects of music. You will also produce a significant body of work for recital, together with supporting research that underpins and informs your final project. The ICMP’s MMus is aimed primarily at individuals who wish to continue their studies after having distinguished themselves on a degree-level course, or who have acquired comparable industry experience and are committed to attaining even greater mastery of their respective instruments.

Awarded by University of East London

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Songwriting - BA (Hons)

The course is industry-led and practically focused. It is designed for those who want to be professional songwriters. It provides an opportunity for intensive and practical study in songwriting while expanding your creative repertoire, extending your knowledge of the music business, and deepening your understanding of the history and culture of songwriting.

On this course, you will benefit from: industry-style ‘Artist and Repertoire’ (A&R) feedback personalised to your individual writing goals; weekly performance classes to showcase your material with a professional band; a wide range of studio-based applications and recording skills tailored for songwriters; opportunities to co-write songs to real music industry briefs with expert feedback and tuition; opportunities to deepen your knowledge of reading, writing and arranging music; and an opportunity to enhance your creative practice by exploring music cultures and contexts through a dissertation research project.

Additionally, students on the BA (Hons) Songwriting degree will be offered many chances to undertake collaborative work, both with other ICMP programmes in London and alongside a range of professional organisations. These opportunities, offered in addition to the curriculum, provide a fantastic chance for students to build their showreels and networks. In the third year of the course, students benefit from a mentorship scheme with an established industry practitioner, providing an opportunity to study and deepen your skills and knowledge in a professional environment.

Awarded by the University of East London.

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SAE Institute

Whether you want to work in a music production studio, in post-production for film or TV, live sound, radio broadcasting, sound and plugin design, game sound or in one of the many different areas of the music business, our Audio Production Bachelor degree programs provide you with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge you need for a successful career.

We will help you develop your skills and knowledge using industry-standard software and large-scale audio desks from industry giants such as Neve, SSL, Audient and others. During your time at SAE you will learn on a variety of industry-standard software including Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live and more.

Audio Production - BA/BSc (Hons)

Whether you want to work in music production, post production for film or TV, live sound, radio broadcasting, sound design, game sound or in one of the many different areas of the audio industry, the Audio Production degree gives you the knowledge and practical skills needed for a successful career.

SAE’s hands-on ethos ensures you are given access to our world-class studio facilities, supported by one-to-one supervision. This enables you to bring theory and practice together with your creativity in a variety of settings to advance your skills to a professional level, developing a competitive edge as you complete your studies.

Constant advances in commercial technology drive this area forward, creating a need for skilled producers who can understand these technical needs and be able to apply them for commercial gain.

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Music Business - BA/BSc (Hons)

With a focus on entrepreneurship, this programme has been developed to encompass innovative business models for a digital age and provide you with the knowledge and skills in key aspects of the business of music, where the mantra ‘change equals opportunity’ holds true.

The course covers core aspects of the music industry ranging from cultural and historical perspectives, analysis and forecasting, legal frameworks and revenue streams to planning, budgeting, marketing and honing digital media skills across a wide variety of industry scenarios such as artist management, publishing, e-music and live event management.

Throughout the course you will complete a range of projects that will give you the opportunity to explore this dynamic and fast paced sector, providing you with the industry knowledge and experience required by employers and those with an entrepreneurial mindset.

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